Launch Phases

Phase 1: Contracts Launched on Mainnet (Planned: 04/21/2021)

  • Contracts launched and verified

  • cli & Celo Terminal app

  • Owner: 2 of 3 MultiSig: (WOTrust + TBD + TBD).

  • Group Manager: WOTrust

Phase 1.5: CELO+sCELO Liquidity on Ubeswap (Planned: 04/21/2021)

  • Functionality integrated directly in SavingsCELO Terminal app.

Phase 2: SavingsCELOVGroup (Planned: Once/if SavingsCELO has enough CELO to elect a new Group)

  • SavingsCELOVGroup deployed -- Group manager: WOTrust (providing 10k + 10k CELO requirements for Group and the Validator)

  • SavingsCELO votes will switch to SavingsCELOVGroup

  • SavingsCELOVGroup will provide 30-50% kickback of validator rewards to SavingsCELO

Phase 3: Governance voting support in SavingsCELO

  • Upgrade SavingsCELOVoterV1 → SavingsCELOVoterV2 that will have Governance voting support

  • Governance voting supported in cli & Celo Terminal app

Phase 4: SavingsCELO + Community Fund synergy

  • Goal of SavingsCELO is to become a community owned project. But to make sure project remains healthy, community must have strong incentives to keep the project healthy.

  • Petition for GovernanceProxy Community Fund to hold large portion of its assets (~50%) in SavingsCELO. In return, ownership of SavingsCELO contract would transfer from MultiSig to the GovernanceProxy address.

  • If this petition passes, SavingsCELO will become governed using regular Celo governance process.

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