sCELO tokens are fully fungible, standardized tokens, thus they can be easily integrated in most DeFi projects that get deployed on the Celo network. First such integration will come through Ubeswap.

CELO+sCELO trading pair is deployed on Ubeswap. Using this pool, sCELO tokens can be sold for CELO instantly, at a market price. Caveat is of course that market price will be variable depending on the demand and the supply. In addition to that, Ubeswap charges additional 0.3% trading fee for the trades.

Once CELO+sCELO liquidity grows, it will become easier to make sCELO tokens a viable collateral asset in lending protocols, like Moola.

SavingsCELO x Ubeswap integration is accessible from SavingsCELO Celo Terminal app. It is strongly recommended to use the SavingsCELO app for all sCELO interactions to avoid making costly unexpected mistakes.

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