Trading & Liquidity Provisioning


sCELO tokens trade on Ubeswap directly like every other token. You can trade sCELO and add sCELO+CELO liquidity from the Ubeswap interface. However, it is strongly recommended to use the "SavingsCELO" Celo Terminal app for all sCELO interactions, including for trading on Ubeswap.

SavingsCELO app provides a lot of safe guards to make sure you don't accidentally make mistakes and lose funds unexpectedly.


Ubeswap Liquidity stats can be accessed here:

When using SavingsCELO app to add liquidity to the pool, app will automatically:

  • Calculate minimum amount of CELO required if you are adding sCELO tokens.

  • Convert any excess amount of CELO tokens to sCELO to add liquidity in proportional way.

    • This allows you to add any amount of CELO tokens safely, without needing to provide proportional sCELO tokens yourself.

  • Warn if pool is not balanced and can cause large amounts of "divergence loss" due to future price changes.

If liquidity is added when the pool is properly balanced, there should be no dangers of "divergence losses". If pool becomes dis-balanced due to price changes, that will only cause "divergence gains", this is because sCELO tokens can always be redeemed back to CELO tokens through standard SavingsCELO withdraw flow.

Learn more about Ubeswap/Uniswap pools:

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